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Check Guarantee

Are you tired of accepting paper checks, not knowing if it’s going to “bounce” and wondering if you’re going to get your money for it? Well, Omega is here to ease your mind. We offer Check Guarantee with Remote Deposit, Check Approval Guarantee, and Check Recovery.

    * With Check Guarantee and Remote Deposit simply scan the check and within 24 to 48 hours you can have the funds electronically deposited into your account. At such a low cost, isn’t it worth it?

    * Check Approval/Guarantee offers you peace of mind by protecting you against a “bad” check writer and have checks guaranteed for good. You don’t need Remote Deposit to take advantage of this option. The process is quick and inexpensive and best of all no returned check worries!

    * With Check Recovery, Omega offers you the security you want by paying you the full face value of a bad check and collecting the bad checks from you. Electronic check processing has never been faster, easier or more secure. This option is free so call Omega today!